Am I putting liberty at risk when I care more about my neighbor than myself?

We all, as citizens of this great country, have protection of individual rights.

How do we show love for our neighbor when so many of them are ignoring doing what they understand will protect their neighbor from the highly contagious COVID variant?

Every day there are reports of unvaccinated people being killed by this virus.

Perhaps, you as I have heard reports from friends, neighbors and acquaintances that many people have gotten COVID and overcome the virus.

Such reports from these well-meaning persons are unverifiable, while reports of the unvaccinated dying are promulgated by medical authorities and the CDC.

There is no certainty, while out, we have not come in contact with the virus. Because of this, we may be a transmitter of the deadly disease.

Many of us have followed the teachings of our Master, Jesus Christ. How would he have instructed us to protect our individual rights while loving our neighbor?

Jesus challenged his followers to love one another. Let’s encourage each other to follow his teachings.

Joe Grimes

St. Simons Island

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