Readers of The Brunswick News are well-informed regarding the budget woes of Glynn County following several recently published stories. The county is not alone in this dilemma as evidenced by the State of Georgia making painful cuts to the state budget as well.

The May 30 article “County commissioners grapple with budget shortfall” pointed out the obvious, that sacrifices would be required.

The June 4 article highlighted $422,000 was being cut from the sheriff’s budget.

The June 5 article pointed out the plan of the commission is to accept the lowest bid for a shelter, $3.5 million dollars, with the goal of negotiating that amount down. Keeping in mind that the amount allocated to the Animal Shelter from SPLOST 2016 funds was $1.5 million, of which only $1.3 million remains available, the county is still short $2.2 million. Consider also that estimates for design & construction came in significantly over the budget of $1.5 million, there should be no surprise when the final construction cost comes in over budget.

The reality of this moment is that the current shelter could, with an infusion of $1.3 million, become the safe, attractive, upgraded shelter that is needed to provide Glynn County with a budget-friendly shelter in a highly visible and well-known location. Knowing that commissioners made a fiscally sound decision for the good of the community and stayed within the dollar amount allocated should be a point of pride for all.

Barbara Sancomb

Jekyll Island

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