Retired General Barry McCaffrey has recently labeled President Trump as “Mussolini” after he ordered the federal government to terminate subscriptions to The New York Times and The Washington Post. Let’s be clear about this — Mussolini would have shut the papers down and likely shot the editors.

I think I could take a safe guess that there are at the very least, some 60 million voters who might take a dim view of their taxes being used to provide newspapers to government officials whatever their political persuasions might be. I go to breakfast every morning with my delivered copy of The Brunswick News, on my way, I stop at Parker’s and pick up and pay four dollars for a Wall Street Journal.

What seems to get lost or not mentioned in these silly assaults is the fact that it is taxpayers who are funding the subscriptions. If a government employee wants the Times or the Post, let them pull “their” wallet out and pay for it.

While I’m at it, why hasn’t anyone considered the likelihood that money that Ukraine paid to Hunter Biden was very possibly filtered through the billions in United States taxpayer aid? Just Thinking.

Richard McBride

St. Simons Island

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