Whoever won Election Day won at a game that is becoming increasingly irrelevant to our problems because it is a game based on competition, competition that increases exponentially upon a planet incapable of increasing its resources to keep pace with that competition. Trumpism is winning at a losing game — eating itself.

A new system is sprouting out of the dung, attempting to organize itself from the chaos if we don’t destroy even the dung. It would be a system based upon cooperation and symbiosis and conservation, and a system that serves some transcendent value structure greater than individual consumption, like compassion.

The capitalist/socialist/free-enterprise/corporate-totalitarian system is flying apart as it creates common problems. It’s old empire stuff. Gone with the wind stuff. Only scavengers are feeding on it now. Trump didn’t make this wave, but he’s surfing it.

Find somebody who needs help and form a relationship with them.The caravan is coming, and Jesus walks among them.

Tony Baker

St. Simons Island

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