On Feb. 23,1913, the 16th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution, providing for a federal income tax, was ratified. We now have a sitting president who stated during the recent 2016 presidential campaign, that it is smart not to pay taxes. How far we have come. What does this attitude illustrate to citizens of this country? Are we all stupid because most of us dutifully and timely file federal and state tax returns? Some of us even use professionals to prepare our taxes. This year I am truly confused. Remember, April 15 is just around the corner.

It also appears that various laws and rules of our country may not apply to all of us. The newly elected president and Congress have promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act which is currently available to all citizens. The Congress, federal employees and retired federal employees, like myself, can participate in the federal government health program by paying monthly premiums. Repealing the ACA will have no effect on these groups. (l am not commenting on the suitability of the ACA, only pointing out that options are available for these groups.) Further, federal employees over a certain salary/position file financial disclosure forms every year for themselves and their spouse to show they have no financial conflict or gain with regard to the agency where they are employed. Should not this policy apply to the highest elected official in our country as well as cabinet heads and presidential appo¡ntees? ls it acceptable to have policies for lower level employees that are enforced by people who do not have to adhere to these policies? Regardless of the rules, sett¡ng a good example starts at the top of the pile, not at the bottom. My anxiety is not which political party is in the White House or controls the House and Senate, my concern is that all elected and appointed officials are held accountable for their behavior, and all citizens receive equal treatment.

Kathleen Scheuerle

St. Simons Island

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