I feel that the new roundabout on the East Beach Causeway is a gross misallocation of our resources.

I understand the usefulness of roundabouts and how they are more efficient at traffic management than the standard intersection, but I believe that we should utilize them in our busier intersections before putting them anywhere else.

I feel that the intersection of Kings Way and Mallery Street or even Frederica road and Sea Island road would be more deserving. While East Beach Causeway does get its use, it is primarily popular in the summer. Kings Way and Mallery Street, however, always has traffic year-round. The St. Simons Pier is arguably just as much a tourist destination as East Beach and attracts tourists and locals all year.

I have yet to come to that intersection without it being busy. You could go to the pier any given holiday and see the place overwhelmed. Traffic is already a pain there and a roundabout could help relieve that.

Another good use of our taxes would be to fix the roads we already have. For example, there is a pothole in Highway 17 that I go by on my commute to school that I hit almost every day because of how large it is.

In conclusion, there are many other beneficial ways we could be using our tax funds.

Brandon Thrower


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