I’ve always had the greatest respect for Mayor Cornell Harvey since he became Brunswick’s mayor. I think the convention center idea is and was a bad one, and don’t like that so much money was wasted and such a nice piece of property lost in the building of the “Veterans Memorial Park,” (I’m a veteran).

Mayor Harvey seems to have some foregone conclusions about the Confederate statue, and how the “committee” will rule on the issue. I hope that this committee is truly representative of the community. This poor soldier was just a young boy and a private. These are our ancestors. Where does this stop? Shall we change the name of our United States capital because it’s named after a slaveowner.

Quit trying to erase our history; it’s a known tactic of the Taliban and Joseph Stalin. As for Mayor Harvey’s comment of “the timing being right for the discussion,” I don’t think that was appropriate either. We learn from our past, or do we?

Richard McBride

St. Simons Island

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