The Brunswick News included a story on the proposed “safety zones” that will be closed to the public during rocket launches in its most recent edition. The story included a reference to a composite impact dispersion diagram that I displayed at the hearing.

John Simpson, Camden County’s paid PR consultant, was quoted as saying the diagram was misleading. It is not misleading, as the diagram depicts exactly how the FAA analyzes risk to the public from rocket launches. Mr. Simpson failed to mention to The News that Camden County has in its possession impact dispersion diagrams prepared by Aerospace Corporation that show the modeled debris fields for rockets launched from the proposed spaceport. Despite receiving multiple Georgia Open Records Act requests to disclose these diagrams, Camden County has refused to show these diagrams to the public.

Camden County does not want the public to see what happens when rockets explode, as they know that those diagrams will cause even the most ardent supporters of the project to change their minds. Seeing pieces of rockets scattered across our barrier islands, marshes, tidal creeks and rivers is pretty sobering.

The News should ask Mr. Howard and Mr. Simpson why Camden County does not want the public to see these impact dispersion diagrams. After all, it is a little unfair to ask someone to support a spaceport without showing them what happens to our coastal environment and its residents when rockets explode.

Kevin Lang

Little Cumberland Island

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