Glynn County Commissioners have approved constructing more roundabouts at St. Simons Island intersections. The sole abstaining commissioner, Bob Coleman, said: “Once they were built, islanders would have to live with them, whether they liked them or not.”

Come hell or high water (possibly both), it’s time for peevish SSI citizens to quit whining about preservation of “their” island, and quit squabbling about increased traffic congestion due to continuous development. Admittedly, roundabouts pose problems, but a sympathetic and less combative public should lend a helping hand.

Collisions occur on roundabouts when less-skilled drivers must engage with highly skilled drivers that execute high-speed driving with aplomb and self-assurance. An aging and disabled island population can reduce collisions by remaining at home. But if they insist, they should practice craning their necks, and looking over their shoulders in safety, first. Pedestrians and cyclists can walk and pedal faster. Eliminate loitering school buses and promote helicopter air-lifts for children, thus allowing police, medical emergency vehicles and firefighters to navigate freely on our sidewalks.

The earliest historic forms of shelter were trees (of which the island can boast fewer; always an indication that developers are afoot.) Ancestors of today’s visionary developers probably once exalted mankind by advocating caves instead, but today, their altruism is mistaken for money-hungry power-grabbing. Let us instead bless their noble mission: to spur economic development, guarantee investment, growth and happiness for everyone everywhere, always. May developer’s impermeable motto endure: “Numquam satis!” — ”Never enough!”

Victoria Jarvis

St. Simons Island

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