Evidence in any trial is necessary for a conviction, but now folks are saying that if the accuser is credible that’s all that is needed in this brave new world.

Accusing Judge Kavanaugh of running a drug gang and rape squad in high school by a female without any proof whatsoever demonstrates how low Democratic politics has become. What class, what grace our senators have shown to the nation. An angel could appear to all of them saying Judge Kavanaugh is truly innocent of any and all charges and they would accuse the angel of being evil like all white men.

Sen. Lindsey Graham was one of the few good men with gravitas, dignity and courage to stand tall and call out these hit men inspired on by their hatred for the President.

Equally sad to witness, the Republicans caved to the pressure and helped in the assassination of a decent man and his family.

What I thought was truly astounding was listening to Sen. Richard Blumenthal, yes the one senator who lied about serving as a marine in Vietnam, having the audacity to question the honesty of Judge Kavanaugh. Subsequently, people heard Sen. Coons say he had prayed day and night about reaching the right decision and then quickly departing the room about insulting those on the other way without listening to their thoughts.

The FBI investigation has become a nothing burger because they have long ago made up their minds making a sad joke of the whole process.

Kevin Finnerty


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