Does anyone remember the saga of the USS Conchino? It was a spook submarine which sank off the coast of Norway in the early days of the cold war (1949) with the Soviet Union while covertly spying on a country we still consider our enemy. Fortunately, even in heavy and frigid seas, her sister boat the Tusk, was able to save all but one of the Conchino crew while losing 6 of her crew who had fallen overboard attempting rescue.

This tale of effort our military gave in defense of our country is like many of the perilous contributions made is forgotten or never known.

It saddens me greatly that the opposing parties in our country, which is essential to governing such a population of different cultures and perceptions of what the government owes them, may have made us ungovernable. The communism and socialism we have fought against so many years now seems to be carrying the day.

I believe that the opposition the Democrat/Socialist party now engage is hurting our country beyond repair. If we continue on this path, we will not be defeated by any outside country but collapse from within.

How any reasonable person with an intimacy of history would continue supporting the once Democrat Party is beyond my understanding —just one look at the presidential wannabes and the leaders of the party should be proof enough for anyone that we are on a primrose path to destruction and from which there is no return. All the blood shed wasted.

Felton Hudson

St. Simons Island

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