It is very sad to see the current state of our democracy.

We have a president who thinks he is a dictator. We have a GOP party that wants to close their eyes and ears and are cowering before Trump afraid to act.

We have a Democratic Party that is being attacked for playing politics, when what they are doing is standing up for our country and Constitution.

The GOP are now resorting to name calling and just acting like anything Trump does is ok.

The GOP are openly mocking impeachment because they can’t argue against the facts.

The facts are clear, Trump has violated his oath of office, and the GOP continue to violate theirs by ignoring everything Trump does and says.

Democrats have acted within the law, and the rules, rules established by the GOP. The GOP were involved in closed door testimony, closed door testimony that has taken place before, by the GOP.

The Democrats will continue with public hearings, hearings requested by the GOP.

The GOP and Trump get their day in court in the Senate, where impeachment trials take place, if the GOP allow it to even take place. The GOP, GOP supporters, GOP media, GOP editorialists, have been twisting themselves in knots trying to defend Trump. They want to ignore the facts. Why?

This is all about the next election for the GOP. The GOP can keep running from the facts, while Democrats fight for America.

Jerry Dagen

St. Simons Island

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