Thankfully, I’m now observing the actions of the left-wing politicians and media with some amusement. It sure beats the alternative.

Conservatives, pro Trump or not, don’t need to do anything but sit back and watch the left eat their own and make fools of themselves with their frenzied hatred of President Trump’s success. They continue to hope that at some point, our economy will take a downturn and that our country will go through some terrible event that will turn us against the POTUS. Imagine for a moment what successes could be possible if even half of those on the left would show some cooperation in efforts to tackle the problems we are facing — border security, health care, trade and crime just to mention a few.

It’s likely that other leaders in the world are taking a “wait and see” posture with regard to the left’s never ending efforts to make our current POTUS appear weak, corrupt and ineffective. Imagine the progress we might witness if we appeared united in our efforts to make positive changes in the world.

I do have to give it to the left, right or wrong, they do stick together. I think they’re vastly underestimating the intelligence and instincts of the American people. Things can change, but I have yet to see “any” presidential candidate that that could be a threat to Trump’s re-election should he decide to go for a second term.

God help Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and we, the American people, when he begins his second term.

Rick McBride

St. Simons Island

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