I commend Mr. Richmond for his thoughtful, intelligent, “letter” in the Oct. 1st issue of the News. The Democrats’ have stupidly overplayed their very weak hand.

Sen. Feinstein will now be revealed as the unrepentant betrayer of the very clear “request for anonymity” by Dr. Christine Ford, a clearly psychologically troubled lady. Feinstein intentionally withheld Dr. Ford’s letter from her fellow Republican members of the Judiciary Committee, but did share the letter with her despicable fellow Democratic committee members in order to plot a secret “plan” for Judge Kavanaugh’s destruction — which we all now know required the total sacrifice of Dr. Ford — by revealing her identity to the Washington Post.

This action shows the utter total disregard of Dr. Ford’s request. The future will fully identify Sen. Feinstein’s dishonest duplicity with Dr. Ford, her fellow female, who had naively trusted Feinstein.

The current investigation of Feinstein’s actions will result in her being totally discredited by the Senate and by millions of women. On a lesser scale, the dishonest statements and unsavory conduct of other democratic members of the Judiciary Committee will further reveal them to be unfit for future Office.

The senate has been disgraced by these democratic members, and their actions will not be lost on their various state electorates.

Don Daleen

St. Simons Island

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