Thank you very much for your thoughtful editorial in (Thursday’s) News. It covers the ultimate expression of the island’s rejection of “high-density development” on St. Simons Island. For the past two years, island citizens have clearly expressed their opposition to island development in various polls, but the county commission has consistently disregarded our voice. We have pleaded for a plan for infrastructure improvements — particularly our roads — but to no Plan ever emerges from our Commission. Rather than offering a Plan, these all-knowing commissioners continue their ravenous quest for more island tax revenues to pay for the failing mainland development.

In addition to their quest for more housing development, they ignorantly pursue more tourism to saturate our infrastructure. In your editorial’s ninth paragraph, you state the “importance of making our voices heard,”But we have done that for years to no avail. What greater evidence of “our voices” than as expressed by the wonderful people of Sea Palms West who have accepted a significant personal economic payment in order to avoid the consequence of high-density development!” The county’s solution of mainland industrial development is right in front of the county’s officials through the support of Mr. Ryan Moore and his EDA.

I have three questions for our Commissioners — 1. What is your plan for the island’s road infrastructure? 2. What is your plan for rezoning the entire island? 3. What is your plan for island ambiance? The citizens’ voices have been heard, but what is the commission’s voice?

Don Daleen

St. Simons Island

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