Some members of our county commission seem reluctant to admit that the many issues regarding our county police department are, ultimately, due to their lack of attention.

Peter Drucker, a renown teacher of management principles, stated “A manager can delegate authority for tasks under his/her jurisdiction to someone else, but he/she can never transfer the responsibility of these tasks.” Another highly successful corporate CEO stated don’t expect; inspect.

Apparently, the county commission didn’t follow either advice. They delegated overview of the Glynn County Police Department to the county manager, a competent, but unelected, official.

Yet, some commissioners still protest the recent move to allow citizens to vote and decide whether we continue to trust that county commissioners can manage this important government function.

I’m not sure what constitutes the root cause of the disagreements between the county sheriff and the county commissioners. I do know that the people elected the county sheriff, and we have the power to not reelect him if we deem he is not doing the job. We currently do not have the same power over the county police department. The county police chief is hired and managed by the county commissioners. How has that been working for us? Hopefully, Governor Kemp’s signature on the three pending bills will enable us decide how we wish to proceed.

Paul Henry

St. Simons Island

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