Digs at President Trump never cease or cease to amaze me. Now the progressive duo of Debbie and Dickie Downer, et al, attack Trump because he supports U.S. nationalism.

Yet, our country’s identity is intertwined in every aspect of our lives and has been so for years. For example there is NBC, National Press Club; Reagan National; National Monument; NFL; National League; Washington Nationals; NHL; NBA; National Anthem; National Guard; NCAA; National Cemetery; National Weather Service; National Day of Prayer; National Beer Day; Hebrew National; our national pastime — baseball; and National Weather Service. Certainly our “nationalism” predates any of Trump’s comments.

Want to see nationalism cross the threshold into insanity watch the World Cup soccer tournament and fan support for their National team. Talk about national extremism. Germany, France, England, Brazil take it way over the top.

John B. Judis, a New York Times contributor, writes that misconceptions about nationalism: “ ...should not lead you to dismiss the value of nationalism, which, by itself, is neither good nor evil, liberal nor conservative....national identity is essential to democracies and to the modern welfare state, which depends on the willingness of citizens to pay taxes to aid fellow citizens whom they may never have set eyes upon.”

Yet the Downer duo want Americans to feel guilty if they love Ol’ Glory. You see they despise independence, individualism, and uniqueness which counter their interpretation of nationalism as a bad conservative notion.

Frank Klonoski

St. Simons Island

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