I voted yesterday because I believe this election will be critical to America. Contrary to the polls, American voters elected Trump in 2016, rejecting eight years of Pelosi, Schumer, and Obama mismanagement.

Two years later we have a recovering economy, more jobs than workers, a government more interested in America’s welfare than globalism, schools educating students for productive careers not welfare careers, border security to protect Americans and a new national spirit where patriotism and service are valued.

Regardless of the merits of individual Democratic candidates, the party belongs to Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Feinstein, Biden and the Clintons. These geriatric professional politicians have feathered their own nests while feeding at the taxpayers’ trough for decades. Their congressional minions robotically obey their every order. Whatever sanity resided in the Democratic Party died on the Pelosi/Schumer alter. The only quest is incumbency, and the ticket on the taxpayers’ gravy train.

It is nearly impossible to find a blue city or state without a vanishing middle class, collapsing pension programs, gang controlled streets, failing schools, jobless economies, third world homeliness, and obscene income inequality. Check out California and Connecticut.

The Democrats brag that they don’t believe in America’s history, its Constitution or its future. They believe in open borders to add millions of new welfare voters, in the socialism that has destroyed Venezuela, in elitists’ globalism over nationalism, in mobs over police, in Merkel’s cultural genocide, and tons of “free stuff.”

Maybe your vote does count.

Pete Richmond

St. Simons Island

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