Recently, I received a flyer in my water bill stating two of the bedrock platforms of our Joint Water and Sewer System. One of them, roughly stated, was that existing customers should not have to pay for the expansion of the system to provide for new development. I surely agreed with that statement.

Then I read in The Brunswick News last week about new condominiums going in on Oak Grove Island. “The nearest sewer line is two miles away, so the developer brought an early proposal to the utility in July in which the developer would pay for upgrades in exchange for equal value in water and sewer system tap-in fee credit. ... The utility expects the cost of the project to exceed the value of the tap-in fee credit. ... Should it actually exceed the value of the developer’s credit, the JWSC will reimburse the developer by giving it 70 percent of tap-in fees charged for access to pump station 4132.”

Bedrock platform? First the JWSC gives away desperately needed tap-in fees. Then, fully expecting expansion costs to balloon, they guarantee that the rest of us will reimburse the developer for excess costs so he can build his condominium. The developer isn’t paying for this expansion of the system, we are by waiving the fees.

Consolidation of our water and sewer system didn’t work and continues to hurt us. Is it any wonder that other parts of the county think that consolidation in general is a bad idea?

Frank Cullen

St. Simons Island

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