Thank you Brunswick.

Well over a hundred citizens from across the U.S. were warmed recently by your beautiful live oak lined streets. We savored your restaurants and coffee shops, and exchanged the welcome of good mornings and good evening from all. We appreciated rest in your homes. Gratitude abounds for a generous church for our communal meals. The Ritz was aglow with two free open to the public evenings of song and passionate presentations as to why we came to this city, and why 7 risked their lives nearby.

The prosecution repeated the loud destruction of a sign. They made sure the reasons for why they did this symbolic act was kept from the jury. Just one nuclear accident at Kings Bay would be far beyond any conceivable description of destruction. Hiroshima is tiny in comparison.

Despite not one disrespectful word from any of the 7 Plowshares the past year and half, the prosecution repeated that these seven thought they were above the law, “running red lights.” No, red lights are respected for the common good. What hides at Kings Bay has been determined by the vast amount of citizens in the world as being the most grave and costly common threat, a terribly misleading security. They brought into the Naval Base documents that would explain, but were instructed none were to be considered as fact. Their website has links to what’s needed for your discernment about our common future together.

Please take a moment. It’s why we came to Brunswick.

Anthony Donovan

New York, N.Y.

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