Unemployment, illiteracy and violence on the mainland are the biggest three problems which Glynn County faces. Our county commissioners and their staff are also swamped with mainland matters such as flooded neighborhoods and potholed roads. All these things should matter the most.

But, if you have been to any of the commission meetings, you would think that managing the minutia on St. Simons Island is all the board of commissioners, elected by those on the mainland, have to do. Meetings go into detail about relocating village garbage cans. Time is spent debating neon vs. LCD and the size of signs around the village. Months of debate have resulted from the commissioners overriding the Island Planning Commission’s “no” recommendation and approving rezoning for a silly little event venue. This resulted in more months of debate about the role of the IPC. And now the county is in a lawsuit, all because the commissioners decided to meddle in the minutia of the island instead of letting the islanders take care of themselves.

It’s time that our Glynn County commissioners encourage St. Simons Island to take care of itself so that the commissioners have time to take care of what really matters on the mainland. If our commissioners will encourage island incorporation in a manner which will pass through tax revenues to the county so the mainland is not financially hurt by island incorporation, everyone will benefit. Commissioners, it’s time to do what is right for the county. Concentrate on the mainland.

Frank Cullen

St. Simons Island

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