I considered Terry Dickson a good friend and dedicated kindergarten father when I taught his daughter many years ago. I have read and appreciated his well-thought-out articles. But after reading his recent article on the use of Village Drive as a park and boat launch entrance, I was disappointed to find how little he knows about this issue.

This $11 million park is not for just five people to fish. In meetings with the St. Simons Land Trust, we learned this park will be the “gem” of St. Simons — something every tourist will want to see. We were told by their representatives that use of our little street was a “done deal,” and they didn’t have to tell us anything.

There remain many unanswered questions about the operation and supervision of the park and launch. They admitted in our first meeting that they had no experience with such a park and would learn as they go. Unfortunately, what we don’t know, can surely hurt us.

I was disappointed in Terry’s mockery of our neighborhood of young families, veterans, retired teachers like myself, and many other talented, hard-working citizens.

I honestly hope he will look into the problems German Village residents will face and write another article that actually takes our concerns seriously.

Terry talks about the wonderful marsh views along Musgrove Creek. These beautiful views can be enjoyed just as well when accessed safely from Lawrence Road through the 260 acres of park land purchased by the Land Trust.

Angie Burns

St. Simons Island

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