A recent letter from Mr. Baker suggests confusion in trying to understand Iran’s response to the killing of Soleimani. Perhaps it will help if I try to explain a few things.

Soleimani was a terrorist and had the blood of many people on his hands. He lived and breathed to kill Americans and was effective at it. The opportunity arose for his elimination, and Trump pulled the trigger. Iran lost a revered and loved general. The supreme leader of Iran, Ai-Khamenei openly wept at his funeral.

Mr. Baker wondered why Iran didn’t kill one of our generals or blow up one of Trump’s hotels. The suggestion of a quid pro quo or collusion between Iran and the U.S. to kill Soleimani is patently absurd.

I guess the most curious action for Mr. Baker was Iran’s decision to fire 15 to 20 missiles at military bases in Iraq, intentionally missing them and not causing any American casualties or injuries. There is a word that explains this exercise in futility — Trumpitis.

The old saying, “Walk softly and carry a big stick”, is something Trump believes in except he threw the stick away and grabbed a baseball bat. It’s call deterrence. Iran knows Trump means business and they are backing down. Obama kowtowed and gave Iran 1.7 billion in cash, and they spit in our face.

Well, its Trump time baby, and the message is loud and clear. Trump’s redline, unlike Obama’s meaningless one in Syria, is American casualties. Iran knows he means it.

Thomas Goodrich


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