Howard Coffin Park, which has served the community’s recreational needs for many years, is now in jeopardy of becoming a baseball stadium that would totally dominate the park for passive fan enjoyment and render active recreational uses as only incidental activities in space left at a cost of at least $13 million to taxpayers.

Thank goodness, that is not our only choice. Along comes an angel named Shawn Williams of Coastal Outreach Soccer, an ongoing program that promotes not only soccer and physical fitness, but also early educational opportunities for children not otherwise being reached.

This is a win-win for everyone. The proposal would require three soccer fields, already existing, a 19,000 square foot building with rooms to complement the program at a cost of $5 million, but not to taxpayers. His space requirements do not affect any other existing recreational facilities.

Shawn has commitments from private sources who support his efforts in athletics and early education. I encourage the city commission to accept Shawn’s proposal and participate in its implementation.

Jerry Spencer


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