I read with interest your Nov. 2 headline concerning the Hanover Square monument’s future. Whatever happened to compromise, which was not mentioned in the article what so ever despite the fact that this is what your monument committee voted for and presented to the commission several weeks ago. Compromise was the overwhelming final result in the article the committee posted on their website, so why is this not being considered?

Let’s see, these are the facts as I see them:

1. Mayor Harvey is suggesting that our small city break/challenge state law causing the city to spend who knows how much money to defend lawsuits that have been assured.

2. All the people have not been given the opportunity to be able to cast a vote on this issue despite the potential extraordinary cost involved of dismantling the monument and defending a lawsuit(s).

3. The SCV organization has volunteered the cost to place the monument in context relieving city of any cost.

4. The opposing side which favors removal has not offered to cover the costs of removal or defense of a lawsuit as I am aware. I know the monument in St. Augustine cost approximately $100,000 to move to the Trout Creek Fish Camp, where it was then vandalized.

The Savannah Civil War Memorial Task Force has featured some excellent ideas and compromises the city should investigate.

Sandra Colhard


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