Your editorial of Nov. 3 about the proposed conference center project says it all. Only thing is, you are too kind. Calling it an “ill conceived project” is the understatement of the year. This fiasco is a disaster, and you have correctly defined it as “delusions of grandeur.”

Failing to listen to the Urban Development Agency’s high-priced consultant defies reality. Building a facility that will produce a known loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars per year is insane. When there are so many other pressing needs in the city, I am appalled that the mayor and commissioners are pressing forward with this foolhardy project. They, along with LaRon Bennett, should have a reality test.

The fact that they are spending someone else’s money makes it easy for them. Their legacy will be a huge debt to be paid by the citizens and their grandchildren.

Speaking about other pressing needs in the city, what are these leaders doing to address the needs of the homeless in our city? As we approach Veterans Day, we need to remember that a number of our homeless are vets; some are homeless mothers with children as well as families and singles. This is a disgrace.

Perhaps some of these funds could be used to convert vacant structures into homes or shelters for these less fortunate. This would be a far better use of taxpayer money than squandering it on this foolish delusion.

Doug Alexander

St. Simons Island

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