The City Commission has lost their heads. They are being fiscally irresponsible with the taxpayers' money. The Savannah company that has done the feasibility study for the conference center has shown that they are incompetent by pushing the conference center forward.

The city commission has further shown their incompetence by not properly planning the Mary Ross Park playground. They have not obtained input from users of the park. The Brunswick Stewbilee will be unable to hold the event in the park since the area will be obstructed by the splash pad.

There also does not seem to be any budget plan for funding the necessary staffing of the park which will be necessary to protect the city from some of the potential liability claims from the splash pond or damage to equipment by vandals. The commission should focus on developing a plan that would attract new construction of single family homes in the city and get rid of the hazardous homes. I understand that in the last five years, only 10 single family home building permits have been issued in the city, of which seven were by Habitat for Humanity.

As both a city and county taxpayer, I am deeply disturbed with the commissions irresponsible use of my tax money.

John Goodrich


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