America is rebounding, the economy is strong, and jobs are coming back, but you wouldn’t know that if you only listen to Republican naysayers who are trying to hold the recovery back, and the right wing groups and media who echo their empty rhetoric, misinformation and lies.

Those who want to say President Biden and Democrats are failing, are failing to use the same yardstick they usually measure Republican success by: jobs, the economy, Wall Street. If there was a Republican president, Republicans would be claiming we are living in a new Gilded Age, but Republicans want to keep shouting the sky is falling.

We need to do more to help all Americans, but the chicken littles have no answers, they obstruct everything, and offer no solutions. Worse, the chicken littles want to take credit for the hard work of President Biden and Democrats, and tell people how much help they are getting from the relief aid and infrastructure bills they are getting from Congress.

Apparently irony is not in Republicans dictionary, or governing, or responsibility. A new word they discovered is inflation. But this problem was more of a self inflicted wound, thanks to Republicans ignoring the COVID-19 pandemic. Republicans also can’t praise businesses and corporations, but blame government for their failures.

Americans are back to work. Americans are still spending . Businesses are making money. We all hope higher prices are temporary and will come down soon. More relief for Americans is on the way, thanks to Democrats.

Jerry Dagen

St. Simons Island

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