I’ve spent time in St. Simons Island for 30 years. I just bought a retirement home there. My mom and dad, brother, sister and families have lived on SSI 30-plus years. We owned a sailboat when I was a kid. Sailing and windsurfing were great experiences. My brother owns a sailboat. His kids and friends love sailing. He’s a St. Simons Surf Sailor. They are awesome stewards, great SSI folks and great representatives of the island and beach. Sailboats, regattas, windsurfing, paddle boards and sea kayaks are synonymous with SSI. It’s so unique, family friendly, colorful and memorable. I would celebrate the sailboats, not banish them. SSSS would be ambassadors and keep the park clean, safe, friendly. I can’t believe a few paved parking spots are more important. They are not. Why is it an either or? There is a solution to accomplish all goals and include SSSS. I’ve seen license plates on busy days. It’s not a lot of SSI folks. I know there are parking issues. People park in the neighborhood. But are a handful of spaces the boatyard may displace going to solve that? Not until Jekyll allows free access. Isn’t it the Coast Guard Station? Isn’t the Coast Guard about boats? Seems like there could be a pretty unique connection there. SSI is a community-oriented, chill beach town. There is a win-win, we all know it. It’s not either or. Keep the boatyard. Respect the SSSS. It can work. It has to. Get creative. No excuses.

Matt D’Amico

Baltimore, Md.

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