Oh Tony, Tony, Tony. For the last four years, you’ve always given me something to start my morning with a chuckle.

You have TDS — Trump derangement syndrome. Present Trump is no longer in office. You really need to stop blaming everything on him. I believe Felton Hudson has a good handle on your problem.

You’ve got a whole new bag of problems. Biden has not done anything right. He can’t even keep his mind on the subject he is talking about. He’s put Harris on the border, and she hasn’t done a thing.

Now you have Maxine Waters, from California, trying to insight violence and riots. Civil disorder. You called President Trump the Great Liar of Palm Beach. You’re starting to look like the Great Fool in St. Simons Island.

Donald Disney

St. Simons Island

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Cutting operations are on hold as engineers moved in Saturday to make a post-fire assessment of the shipwrecked Golden Ray, the remains of which became engulfed in thick black smoke and raging flames early Friday afternoon.

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Fire broke out inside what remains of the shipwrecked Golden Ray in the St. Simons Sound early Friday afternoon, possibly sparked by handheld welding torches used in precise cutting operations, said U.S. Coast Guardsman Michael Himes, spokesman for Unified Command.