Someone once said that it is truly a weak mind that cannot rationalize the heart’s desire. I doubt a truer statement could more accurately describe the passion and fervor associated with Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

Sadly, that somewhat cynical view is validated by the fact that now, after all the mud has been slung and the machinations are over, hardly a single vote or view was actually changed.

This fact is particularly disturbing because it clearly indicates that, despite oft professed public comments about having “discussions of the issues” to the contrary — both political factions are still in “Resistance” or “Combat” mode and believe they can win a knockout blow.

Therefore, I am left with the opinion that an honest dialog to resolve political differences is futile. Workable solutions will not occur until one side is soundly defeated at the polls and a clearer set of American values are affirmed.

It will not immediately solve our deep cultural divisions, but perhaps it will help redefine acceptable public discourse and behavior, which is a necessary precursor for comity and honest dialog.

Mason Stewart


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