I am dismayed at the choices being made as part of the renewal of the Coast Guard beach area. My main concern is the removal of the St. Simons Surf Sailors Club for either 22 more parking spaces, or a water run off area.

I am not a member of the Surf Sailors club, therefore that is not why I am concerned. I am set to grieve an element that makes SSI different. The joy and color of seeing people sailing and wind surfing along East Beach are part of the soul and character of our island. Choices made in the name of bettering SSI must be done with careful thought to maintaining what makes us special. Resorts up and down the east coast are fighting for tourist dollars. The first concept in business is to find your niche and nurture it. Removal of the St. Simons Surf Sailors Boatyard will take away another piece of the individual flavor that has contributed to SSI being voted No. 1 beach vacation spot by more than one publication.

My secondary complaints are simple. First proposal, replace the Boatyard with 22 parking spaces. Twenty-two more spaces will far from solve the problem of parking on peak days.

Water run off area? It is unnecessary if the parking area is a porous surface.

Removing cultural identity is how east coast resorts have become homogenized to the point that one island vacation is much like the next. Don’t remove the Boatyard and chip away at what makes SSI unique.

Robyne Kingery

St. Simons Island

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