As an officer in the military and later as an investment manager, I learned a few things about managing those who worked for me. Without guidance or direction, senior staffers would develop their own thinking of how things are done.

If I wanted them to do things in a manner which would give the end result I wanted, I needed to tell them specifically what I expected from them and the result I expected.

In the case of our Board of Commissioners, they seem to be letting their staff run the show. In regard to the development on St. Simons Island, instead of the BOC giving guidance, they are mute. This leaves the staff looking at the various convoluted ordinances regarding development on St. Simons and basically deciding to approve all development unless blatantly illegal.

If our BOC would direct their staff to look for reasons to reject rather than approve projects which involve multi-family development or high density development on the islands based on existing zoning ordinances, conflicts with the preamble, or other such legal reasons to reject such high density development proposals, the staff would likely do so. But the BOC has not directed this and the staff do not do so.

As a result, Alan Ours and Pamela Thompson approve anything that comes across their desks without looking for possible reasons to reject these proposals.

It is time for our BOC to tell their staff to find ways, now, to limit the high density development on St. Simons Island.

Frank Cullen

St. Simons Island

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