We are entering week three of the government shutdown. A shutdown that is hurting close to a million workers, almost a third of whom are veterans. A shutdown that is hurting families. A shutdown that is hurting the economy. A shutdown that will hurt many more. A shutdown that is not based on any high purpose or urgency, but a shutdown started over one selfish action.

This shutdown happened because Donald was afraid of looking bad to his supporters. He thought if he agreed to another continuing resolution for the budget, something that the GOP already agreed to, he would look bad. Instead of debating what security is needed , Donald and Donald alone chose to shut down the government.

Now the GOP is suddenly unwilling to cast the same vote they cast just two weeks ago, continuing the budget so the government can keep running. The GOP is now complicit with Donald in shutting down the government. Incredulously, they are now trying to blame the Democrats. The public isn’t buying it. Legislators are supposed to legislate, but the GOP is going back to their old favorite, obstruction.

Americans deserve better than this. Democrats are offering the same continuing resolution that the GOP voted yes for before, but the GOP is refusing. Democrats want open debate about border security and immigration, but the GOP are refusing. Like 2018, 2020 will bring more change. It can’t come soon enough.

Jerry Dagan

St. Simons Island

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