Even though President Trump provides masks for those who attend his rallies, Mr. Trump has been assailed by the media for not telling the thousands of people who attend his rallies to put on their masks. In most Biden rally news clips, we see close up shots of Mr. Biden as he proudly holds what the media portray as virus-safe “drive in” rallies with people honking horns in the background.

Mr. Trump has asserted that no one is going to Mr. Biden’s rallies. So, I presume in an attempt to counter that assertion, the media recently showed a view of a Bidden rally from the middle of what looked like a whole lot of cars and people.

What they also showed but didn’t mention, was that the people were not safely in their cars. They were tightly packed, sitting on the hoods of their cars. They were milling around between their cars high-fiving each other as Mr. Biden gave his speech. And very few had on masks. I did not hear Mr. Biden admonish them to social distance and wear a mask. I didn’t hear reports of him giving out masks to those who attended.

Certainly no media bias here. Right? As Arte Johnson aka Wolfgang of Laugh In might have said, “Verrry Interestink.”

Frank Cullen

St. Simons Island

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