This past week Biden showed the American people and the world what kind of a President he is.

Peter Doocy from Fox News asked Biden a tough question on Afghanistan. All that Biden could do was bow his head in front of millions of Americans and the world to see. To see such a weak president and commander in chief — a real president would be standing straight up and taking questions and giving answers to those questions. Yet, we have seen and heard Biden say “I’m not suppose to answer those questions, I may get into trouble.”

He always walks out with his little note and only answers what is written on those notes. He only calls on news reporters from a list given to him, why is that? Who is telling Biden what to say and whom to take questions from?

When Biden closed down the other airport at Bagram that was a big mistake. He only worked out of one airport. There is an old saying “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” If his generals and intel people told him to do this, it was wrong. Maybe they told him not to close but to use it but, maybe Biden chose to close it.

Then Biden is seen looking at his watch like he has somewhere else to go when American soldiers are coming home, and they have no more time. It is shameful to see Biden not as a President but, a weak man.

Art Guzman


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