The Glynn County Commission announced in their work session Wednesday they expect a shortfall of nearly $2 million over the next year. In the same meeting, Commissioners considered pulling the Federal Land Access Program grant application that could bring nearly $800,000 for the Frederica Road Realignment project.

Rather than receiving an update on the Federal Land Access Program Grant application process, as the work session agenda suggested, Dave Austin, Glynn County Public Works Director, introduced the item by saying the Commissioners would receive a brief on “where the church is at and what they would like to do.” Jeremy Marquis, a planner hired by Christ Church, insisted the Commissioners withdraw the application because Christ Church doesn’t want to wait to go through the federal grant process. Instead, Christ Church wants to “just fund the project outright.”

In a time of such great financial uncertainty, why would the county oblige a request from a private entity to relinquish the opportunity to receive federal funding? It seems the county doesn’t care how the project gets funded, as long as they don’t have to pay for it. Which begs to question, what is the actual intent of this project? Increased access to federal lands? Addressing stormwater issues? Or paving over wetlands and potentially historic sites to re-route a right-of-way and make room for a parking lot? The county’s willingness to withdraw the application without question indicates private interests may be ‘paving’ the way on this project.

Rachael Thompson


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