Thank you, Pete Richmond. Finally a voice of good common sense and reason. Initially, I thought all of the uproar about Judge Kavanaugh’s possible misbehavior at age 15 was some sort of joke or maybe much ado about nothing. I had no interest in any of the heated discussions regarding the matter.

I observed that the American people have forgiven and overlooked so much really bad behavior from some of our very top leaders that this surely amounted to no more than a hill of beans, even if true.

Not many mature adults suddenly, after 35 years, remember a teenage event and convince themselves that the incident has marred their entire life. Admittedly, all sides agree there was alcohol involved in the murky past of teenage partying and immature hijinks.

The judge has been investigated repeatedly by the FBI during his distinguished career, up to consideration for appointment to our highest court. Yet no one has ever come forth with an accusation or even a hint of something like this. Most of us wish we had friends that kept secrets that well and that long.

Like Mr. Richmond, I would urge us all to calm down and let our common sense and rational brain take over. Matter of fact, I would pray that the U.S. Senate do the same as they vote for a very good, law-abiding man to become a Judge of our Supreme Court.

Penny Smith


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