A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love. What would be the possibilities if American foreign policy were aligned to the Golden Rule? What would have been the result if our response to nine-eleven had been a radical forgiveness? The degree to which this notion seems ridiculous is our distance from the miracle of a “Christian nation.” Humanity finds itself in the suffering of others.

Many envision the end of history as some kind of mega-church service, where the invitation is given and those who refuse it can “go back where they came from” while the “elect” are raptured away, scot-free of consequences. In this view, the line separating “the many” from “the few” runs between two groups: “ the lost” and “the saved”.

Fewer understand that the line separating the many and the few actually runs through each individual heart, and that there is that greater part of each of us that will be worthy of the fire, and that when this burning-off occurs, only a righteous kernel within each individual, if anything at all, will remain, that our security lies not in terms of our affiliations but in the clarity and humility of our understanding.

There is waking-up and then there is growing-up. Some people will have a flash of religious insight and go bomb an abortion clinic or a mosque. Others will go sell all they have and give to the poor. It’s a matter of evolution.

Tony Baker

St. Simons Island

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