Brian Kemp beat Stacey Abrams in the governor’s race last year. Abrams relentlessly made the false claim that Kemp, as Secretary of State, was manipulating the voting rolls and that he was “cheating.”

When it was reported that she had lost, she refused to concede, whining about she really won, but the vote count was rigged, and offering every excuse conceivable to explain her defeat.

Since then she has become the biggest traveling Democrat Party excuse machine since Hillary lost in 2016.

She has continued her tirade about stolen elections and minority voter suppression while raising millions of dollars from the fools who fund the drive toward socialism and away from freedom and the Constitution.

Curiously, the United States Election Assistance Commission recently released its Election Administration and Voting Survey Report (“EAVS”) for the 2018 elections which named Georgia as the number one state for automated voter registration, and the state showed significantly higher percentages of accepted absentee and provisional ballots compared to previous elections.

Meanwhile, Governor Kemp is authoring an amazing record of accomplishments, including record diversity in his executive appointments, following through on his promise of teacher pay raises and generally succeeding in a non-confrontational way in reforming the state government.

The EAVS data supports the conclusion of a recent study by the Brennan Center for Justice that showed that Georgia had a 93.7 percent increase in registrations because of automated voter registration. More than any other state in the nation.

Facts are stubborn things. Go away Stacey.

Jeffrey Kilgore


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