My response to Ms. Jarvis’s Oct. 11 letter regarding Ms. Abrams “not fit to be governor.”

Ms. Abrams’s debts do include student loans. It was necessary to borrow money, as most do. She is paying off her indebtedness.

She has a right to wealthy supporters, same as Republican candidates. Koch Brothers have been perennial supporters for the Republican causes. Mr. Soros also has the same right.

Ms. Abrams has First Amendment rights to voice her objections to Confederate reminders and what those reminders represent.

She is entitled to use her entrepreneurial spirit as others do. It’s called capitalism. Her credit card indebtedness is her business, and there is no record that she has defaulted on payments. She is also paying off her income tax debt. A judge who had huge credit card indebtedness was recently confirmed to SCOTUS.

Ms. Abrams hasn’t initiated programs to assure a win. Kemp purged the voter registration list and was sued. Voter registration information was also released, and he was sued. Purged citizens now have the opportunity to vote in the midterm, including by provisional ballot.

She didn’t sign on the dotted line guaranteeing a loan in an amount more than her net worth. Kemp did and is now being sued and, possibly, being investigated for overstating his assets.

Ms. Abrams’s fitness for governor outweighs Mr. Kemp’s. She is a woman of her word. He is not. Suits against Ms. Abrams? Zero. Suits against Mr. Kemp? At least three.

Martha Heath Johnson


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