The November election for Georgia’s Governor must be taken very seriously. The extremist policies of Stacey Abrams, the Democratic nominee, would be a disaster for our state. She must be defeated.

Remember that today’s Democratic Party is a far cry from the party of John F. Kennedy. The Party has evolved into a collection of angry grievance groups who want to overturn our existing society. Alan Abramowitz, Emory University political science professor, describes Stacey Abrams as “...probably the most liberal Democratic candidate for governor in history.”

To avoid Federal Election Commission regulations requiring the identification of donors, Abrams uses various tax-exempt foundations, raising millions from nameless out-of-state contributors. But we do know that over a million dollars came from demagogue George Soros, who is internationally known for funding questionable militant groups.

In addition to her reactionary political views, Ms. Abrams is calling for the demolition of the Stone Mountain sculpture and wants all Southern heritage monuments on government property throughout the entire state removed.

For the three years ending in 2016, Ms. Abrams received almost a half-million dollars for “part-time work” with her “foundations”. Yet she has roughly $230,000 of unpaid student loans, nine outstanding credit card accounts, unpaid taxes, and other lingering debts. She claims her credit card debt resulted because she didn’t understand how credit cards worked. Do we really want a Governor who doesn’t understand how credit cards work? We cannot let this woman become Governor.

Gail Jarvis

St. Simons Island

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