Recently, I attended the baptism of my great-grandson. As the pastor pronounced the baptismal words, there was an explosion of love throughout the sanctuary that reverberated from the walls and ceiling. Tears of love began flowing from my eyes as I witnessed a new life who could go on to become a great contributor to our American society.

Then I returned home and witnessed happenings that would dramatically change our American way of life. The Governor of New York signed into law a bill that would legalize late term abortion and did so to a standing ovation. Soon, the Governor or Virginia announced his intention to follow suit.

What are some Americans thinking? I have been taught that one big difference between humans and animals is that we humans have a conscience. I’m beginning to wonder about that. My little dog seems to show remorse when she is being scolded for a wrong doing. Yet some humans are saying it’s OK to terminate a baby’s life in the final month of pregnancy.

This on that premise that a woman should have a legal choice as to what she can or cannot do with her body. The question that begs to be asked is “what about the baby’s body?”

Michael Kronn


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