A red wave is coming.

This is in response to a letter from Audrey Gibbons to the editor about the Republican Party’s “Campaign Kick Off.”

As the face of the Democratic Party, Maxine Waters says, “Impeach 45.” Yes, Ms. Gibbons, that is the platform.

Your candidate for governor says she is “not going to allow any guns in any place at anytime” and “Stone Mountain remains a blight on our state and should be removed.” Ms. Abrams also touts socialized medicine for Georgia in the form of Medicaid expansion. She plans to further bankrupt our state by providing the Hope Scholarship to illegal aliens with her quote, “illegals have the right to Hope.”

Congressman Buddy Carter was correct in his description during the Republican Party Campaign Kick off. The Democrats are “crazy” if they think Georgians will stand for a reversal of our Trump economic growth — with Democrat tax and spend policies and a socialist agenda.

So, Ms. Gibbons, no one is packing any bags. Be prepared for the red wave of conservative common sense.

Joy Turner


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