There is nothing like falling into a nice, comfortable mattress after a long day. It’s hard to compare the feeling you get when you can finally unwind and relax for a few hours.

Sadly, there are some children in Brunswick who don’t have that luxury. That is where Operation Bedspread comes in.

The nonprofit, founded by Rees Carroll, has worked to remedy that problem since 2012. The organization uses donated beds and funds to help children in need have a place to lay their heads at night. Carroll saw the need himself when he was mentoring students years back.

Recipients are sent to Operation Bedspread through high school counselors, DEFAX, Amity House, FaithWorks and other agencies. The organization has done tremendous work in a short amount of time, supplying more than 930 beds for families since January of 2013. Still, the need continues to grow in the area.

“The demand is still there; it’s higher than it’s ever been,” Carroll said. “And it’s not that we’re not still going, we are, but we really haven’t had a lot (of beds) to give people.”

While the group is always in need of beds, financial support is also crucial to its endeavor. While many services like mattress cleaning are donated by local businesses, the charity still pays for things such as gas and insurance for trucks. That’s where monetary gifts come in, which is why the organization’s fundraiser this weekend is worth checking out.

Operation Bedspread hosts two appropriately named fundraisers of the year, the Christmas-themed Holiday BEDLam and the Back to School BEDLam, which is coming up Aug. 18.

The event will take place at Brogen’s South in the Pier Village on St. Simons Island. The $25 admission gets attendees food plus happy hour priced beer and wine. It also offers access to a performance by the Traveling Riverside Band and a buffet of raffle items.

If you have the chance, please turn out to support this organization. Even if you can’t show up, please consider making a monetary donation so that Operation Bedspread can continue its needed mission in the Golden Isles.

Sleep is very important for children. According to Dr. Rachel Dawkins with John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, sleep is “an indispensable part of a healthy lifestyle. Studies have shown that kids who regularly get an adequate amount of sleep have improved attention, behavior, learning, memory, and overall mental and physical health. Not getting enough sleep can lead to high blood pressure, obesity and even depression.”

Let’s help out Operation Bedspread and help improve the quality of a child’s life at the same time.

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