In this instantaneous world that we live in today, the idea of something taking a long time to accomplish is a little bit more alien. If instant gratification is unavailable, many people too often just throw in the towel.

The same cannot be said about those who work for the Glynn County Airport Commission and the Golden Isles Convention and Visitors Bureau. Their persistence and perseverance has helped bring a big addition to our local airport.

The commission recently announced that starting in May 2020, Delta Air Lines will begin offering more flights out of the Brunswick Golden Isles Airport. Right now, there are three flights a day on a 50-seat aircraft, said Robert Burr, executive director of the airport commission.

Not only is Delta adding another flight, but the plane will also be larger. The new flight will have 76 seats, including first-class service. Burr said first class is in high demand among our local airport customers, and Scott McQuade, president of the CVB, added that more first-class seats will help attract more interest from visitors.

The effort to expand the services wasn’t an overnight project. Scott McQuade, CVB president, said it was the result of years of marketing and working closely with Delta’s executive board.

Delta isn’t in the business of taking unnecessary flights. It must say something about the demand there are for flights here if they are willing to not only add another flight, but a bigger plane that can serve more passengers to the roster.

It also means we need to sustain such demand.

We encourage people in the Golden Isles to fly out of Brunswick instead of going to Jacksonville or Savannah when they travel. Doing so will not only help the airport keep the route open, but could lead to even more flights. If the demand is there, you can be sure some company will want to fill it.

Some goals are worth fighting for, even if it takes a long time to achieve them. We congratulate the staffs at the airport commission and visitors’ bureau for not giving up on making the dream of an additional flight and finding a way to make it happen. More often than not, hard work and dedication will win out.

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