In a nation grappling with homelessness, fumbling for solutions to what is a growing problem in so many American cities, it makes little sense to open the country’s borders to literally thousands of other jobless, homeless adults and families. Add the spread of potentially deadly COVID-19 to an already mixed bag of ignitable issues and it makes even less sense. It’s sheer insanity.

Apparently the occupant of the White House and the political party holding the majority seats in Congress see it differently. Their attitude is to open the door to anyone who wants to enter. Background matters not. Even criminals can step onto American soil unchallenged.

The latest proposal of the administration of President Biden is to admit immigrants who can show proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Given the administration’s lax attitude toward immigration, there’s no telling what little “proof” that might entail when the main objective is to admit as many as possible.

When that happens, cities across America should brace for a new flood of homelessness. There are not enough public housing units or shelters to handle current homeless populations, let alone the legions of homeless individuals who soon will be descending upon U.S. communities. More jobless individuals will not make the situation any better.

And while cities are preparing for new waves of destitute people, many of whom speak little or no English, they might also give some consideration to enlarging the police force and jail. Among those who will freely cross the border will be criminals and gangs. As if the nation did not have enough human wolf packs roaming its city streets and neighborhoods.

Despite denial by advocates of open borders, unfiltered aliens add to our crime problem. Take the wounding of two teenagers in Yakima, Washington, in September, for example. Two aliens entering illegally, without background checks, were wanted for the shootings but fled back to Mexico. They were caught trying to re-enter the country by U.S. Border Patrol agents in San Diego and charged with the shootings. In a separate incident in Philadelphia, two illegal aliens, whose pasts also were not scrutinized, were charged in the beating death of a 28-year-old man. Philadelphia, by the way, is a self-declared “sanctuary city,” where police are forbidden to report illegal aliens.

Seasoned felons will not be the only problem. Desperate people, people unable to land work, sometimes turn to crime to feed themselves or their families.

This nation is unable to handle issues that are already here. It can ill-afford to make matters worse by opening a floodgate to the thousands banging on the door.

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