I am not a gourmet or anything, but I enjoy cooking the limited menu with which I have found comfort. I have a useful gas grill that probably needs cleaning. While there might be things in it that Louis Pasteur did not know about, I assume that heat kills anything of concern.

We were visiting friends recently and I became fascinated with their smoker. While my palate is not very refined, pellets of a variety of wood from hickory to pecan to cherry added flavors to our dinner. Low and slow, the smoker’s chant, is a smoking process that results in cooked goodness. That was all I needed to know. I needed a smoker too. Wanting a good one, I wanted to read as much as I could before making my choice. Off to Google I went. My initial search resulted in 35.2 million hits in under one second. Many producers were offering a wide variety of differentiated choices. Some smokers are large, some small. One company’s website asked if I want to put it on a truck’s tailgate so I could smoke brisket before the big game. The happy family in the ad had on UGA sweatshirts (Is this my excuse to buy a truck too?). Other smokers are shaped like eggs, some use manufactured wooden pellets while others use fireplace wood. All of them were offered across a wide range of price points.

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