Abortion activists scream loudly that conservatives are either turning the United States into a theocracy or imposing their morality on the nation by banning abortion. It is one of the desperate primal cries of a group that knows it is losing the fight. They would not suddenly be referring to abortion as “self-termination” if they were winning. National Public Radio would not be reminding its reporters to refer to babies as “fetuses,” despite almost every OB-GYN using the term “baby,” if the left were winning this fight.

The very fact that the left must redefine words and change the terminology of the existing debate shows just how badly they are losing. One of the more striking things missing from the debate over pro-life legislation across the nation is a bevy of credible polling showing Republicans will get hurt by the legislation.

Our poll-hungry media is, on this issue, dieting. The only thing the left has left is economic sabotage.

In Georgia and elsewhere, progressives demand Hollywood studios and other businesses abandon the states.

Little-known actors and producers are complying. Few big names are. But as some progressive film activists scale back work in pro-life states, the left is screaming that pro-lifers are willing to sacrifice good economies and jobs to save children. Absolutely. I am willing to sacrifice jobs to save lives.

First, this is not about me or anyone else imposing a theocracy on America. It is, however, about me being guided by my morals in pursuit of sound public policy. Every single person makes decisions based on what he or she thinks is right and wrong. Progressives demand Christian businesses go out of business if they will not comply with the gay agenda. Progressives demand Americans pay more in taxes to redistribute it to people progressives claim need the money more. Everyone governs based on their moral code.

My moral code values life more than money. Progressives actually value money greatly.

Rich Hollywood stars like the power that comes with money. It all reminds me of my favorite Psalm, the 73rd.

In that psalm, the writer, Asaph, ponders why the wicked prosper. Asaph sees that those who reject God tend to do better in the world. “They have no pangs until death; their bodies are fat and sleek.” Psalm 73:4. “Behold, these are the wicked; always at ease, they increase in riches.” Psalm 73:12.

Asaph finally realizes that their prospering is a mercy from God. This world is the best the wicked will ever have. God is letting them enjoy it.

The situation is much like what Amos describes. The first of the prophets, Amos went from the Kingdom of Judah up to the Kingdom of Israel. Judah, which worshipped God, was rural and poor. Israel, which had perverted the true religion and worshipped as pagans, was rich and prosperous.

The people took this as a sign that God favored them.

Amos assured them this was not so. God was being merciful with his people, hoping they would come back to him. They were prospering, but if they did not repent, they would be destroyed. The wicked prosper in part because of God’s mercy. This world is the best they will ever have it and the worst God’s people will ever have it.

This bears out in the fight over abortion. The secular abortionists hide behind wealth and euphemism to deny they are killing human beings. They think they can persuade others to abandon their causes by dangling dollars in front of them. Some will cave, and others will buckle. More will cave because they want to be liked. Progressive theologians, like the priests of the Kingdom of Israel, will justify the killing and condemn as intolerant those who behave justly. They will get TV appearances and book deals and hang out with celebrities who toast them.

As for me and my house, however, we serve the Lord. We do so in how we view public policy as much as in other areas of our lives.

And the God we worship compels us to put the lives of children ahead of money.

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