“We cannot allow this dangerous disease to make a comeback in New York City,” said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio speaking to the city’s emergency powers in matters of public health during a press conference on April 9.

There are limits to my belief in modern medicine. Currently, I’m only taking one prescription drug for elevated blood pressure, lots of supplements and CBD oil to deal with a chronic inflammatory illness. I’m a big believer in wellness, prevention, chiropractic, exercise and a near daily yoga practice to help maintain good health.

But the evidence is indisputable, that vaccines have prevented serious illness among hundreds of millions, saved lives and shrunk the world of many killer diseases into a deep freeze in petri dishes secured within vaults at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Undoubtedly, preventative vaccines have spared both my children most of the once more severe illnesses of childhood.

Yet I did note a significant increase in both the type and number of required vaccinations from the birth of daughter No. 1 in 1992 to daughter No. 2 in 2007, both children have been spared the pleasure of the measles and its German cousin, chicken pox, mumps and many other maladies too numerous to mention.

And yet, in many parts of the first world, parents are increasingly vacillating or in many cases simply saying no to childhood vaccinations. Some believe vaccinations harbor small amounts of heavy metals like mercury and other toxins as preservatives. Thiomersal, and it’s trade name, Merthiolate (patented by Eli Lily in 1928), are a preservative, derived from Mercury, used in the manufacture of many medical vaccinations.

A not small number in the scientific community, thousands of parents and families, and several well-regarded studies have indicated that Thiomersal may contribute to or cause autism and other illnesses, including cancer, SIDS and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

While parents have the right to make these decisions for their families and children, we are at the same time, more and more congregating in cities, where population density and commonly used surfaces and gathering places are also more and more the societal norm, in the United States and elsewhere.

A current resurgence of the measles in New York City, originating reportedly within Orthodox Jewish communities who do not vaccinate as a matter of faith, has moved into the broader public school system population.

New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio is leading a public awareness effort, “Don’t Wait...Vaccinate,” to slow the measles outbreak, already resulting in hundreds of hospitalizations, from developing into a pandemic. The Mayor and City Council have mandated the measles vaccine for school-age children within several Zip codes in Brooklyn where outbreaks first occurred.

Prior to the public health emergency declaration, Orthodox Jewish families in the impacted neighborhoods and communities were simply urged to keep sick children at home.

Vaccinations, on a global scale, have all but eradicated the threats of small pox and polio and yet without continued vaccinations among our new population, these crippling and fatal diseases may likely make a return just as measles, chicken pox and other ailments considered less threatening are occurring, even to the extent that some parents hold ‘measles/pox parties’ to intentionally expose their offspring, in hopes of naturally strengthening their immune systems.

The annual flu vaccine, as an example, is often administered without any preservatives, while still sparing millions of Americans from the serious and in some cases fatal malady of the flu. And yet, with that vaccine both inexpensive and almost universally available, thousands of adults continue to choose to avoid it, and Georgia was among the most flu-infested states in the nation yet again this year.

The pharmaceutical industry, coming off another year of near record profits, would do well to make the common sense decision to research and deliver other preservative options. Protective mothers, like bears and lionesses are not likely to simply accept assurances and admonitions of ‘trust us.’ Trust, once lost or broken must be earned.

Let’s not gamble again with global public health. Drugs are tweaked and re-patented every day at the molecular level by big pharma when seeking the protections of a new patent. It’s time to step up, so that you help remove the doubts of thousands of families refusing to roll up their sleeves and point their child’s foot, upper arm, thigh or other body part at the business end of a needle.

How about a little bit of self-directed financial pain for a significant confidence and consumer trust gain?

Don’t vacillate, make the smart and easy choice.

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